No Finish Line Bratislava charity run

BRATISLAVA, 23rd October 2020.
A number of companies working in the education and chidlrens’ sports sectors have applied for the grant. No Finish Line 2020 will take place online from November 5th. During the course of four days, runners and walkers will have the choice of selecting one of the numerous grant applicants as the recipient of their kilometers covered by running or walking.
The current situation, which does not allow for a big organized run, compelled the organizers to come up with a solution and not give up on their good intentions to simultaneously run and help children who really need it. Since the use of apps in smartphones or watches to record sports feats has become the norm, the organizational team of Children&Future Bratislava and MiddleCap decided to partner with the Slovak iWATT app in this year’s edition of the race. Participating in this year’s No Finish Line is therefore accessible to everyone around the world, all you need is your telephone and the iWATT app which you can download and register in for free.
“This year has brought a lot of changes for everyone and we have all realized that we cannot take things for granted, not even participating in an organized run. Sport is all about overcoming obstacles and defeating new challenges. From an organizational standpoint, we have accepted this challenge and the result is No Finish Line Bratislava in an online environment,” says Miroslav Výboh, chairman of the main partner of the run, MiddleCap Group.
“The atmosphere that we were able to create last year, during the first year of the run cannot transpire to an online environment but I believe that it will, nevertheless, find its audience and that we will be able to run up as many kilometers as last year,” adds Katarína Petrášová, manager of the non-profit organization Children&Future Bratislava, who has organized the No Finish Line race for its second year in a row now.
The online version of the race gives way to new incentives which the organizational team can implement in this year’s run. One of these incentives is to take part in the grant challenge. Companies, non-profit organizations and civic associations can submit their applications for the grant via email: The organizers will pick three finalists whom the runners can choose to support.
“The 2020 year of the run highlights two elements which strive to mobilize runners and organizations which are interested in this financial aid. We have already accepted submissions for a number of projects and I believe that this week we will receive even more submissions from which we will be able to select three finalists. These three finalists will then be in the hands of the runners, who will decide whom they allot their covered kilometers to and who receives the 30,000€,” adds Miroslav Výboh, chairman of MiddleCap Group, commenting upon this year’s changes.