Holding of entrepreneur Miroslav Výboh Mayfair Assets Ltd., recently active in real estate projects in Bratislava, has merged with consulting company MiddleCap Equity Partners by renowned restructuring Sibamac or Doprastav or auctioning of former Stein brewery. They created the investment advisory and real estate holding MiddleCap Group based in Luxembourg.

The new holding will focus on seeking new opportunities in consulting, the real estate market, venture capital and venture capital markets. The Group intends to strengthen its venture capital business considerably by investing more than € 10 million in new business and start-ups in the Central European region over the next three years.

The first new joint holding real estate project is the construction of a 14-21 Rushworth Street office building in Blackfriars, central London, with an estimated investment of up to £ 60 million. After the completed acquisition of the land with a valid permit, the project will enter the implementation phase in the coming months. The partner responsible for the real estate division is Tomáš Jurdák, who started the expansion of HB Reavis in London six years ago.

The merger process, lasting ten months, was contractually concluded at the end of June. Partners of the newly formed business group MiddleCap Group, S.A. are Miroslav Výboh, Matúš Výboh, Matej Majerčák, Roman Guniš and Michal Kviečinský. Formally, the merger will be completed by entry in the Luxembourg Commercial Register within the next few weeks. “This merger increases our potential for investment impact on new projects, opening up new markets primarily in European space, while improving our position in raising new capital,” comments Matej Majerčák, one of the partners and CEO of MiddleCap Group, S.A.

“For a long time I watched the work of people around Mr Majerčák, Guniš and Kviečinský, also in the context of my son Matúš working with MiddleCap Partners on several projects. In recent years, the company has been among the top Czechoslovak advisory and investment leaders and represents a strong group in terms of expertise, creativity and talent, ” adds Miroslav Výboh. This cooperation includes, for example, advice on the purchase of the premises of the former Stein brewery, which was purchased by MiddleCap’s DreamField Property at auction. While the residential part is being realized by YIT Slovakia, the office building was recently completed by AMW Development from Mayfair Assets, which is currently reconstructing the only listed part of the brewery, the Spilka Building.

Miroslav Výboh built his armaments business, later began investing in real estate and consolidated his activities in Mayfair Assets Ltd. based in London. Another current real estate project of the Výbohov family is the reconstruction and reconstruction of the former protected palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Gorky Street in the historical center of Bratislava.

MiddleCap was particularly successful in the restructuring of large construction companies Sibamac and Doprastav. Also participated in the restructuring of the owners of the Falkensteiner and Park Inn Danube hotels. The company also advised companies such as UPC, Matador, Penta Investments, as well as ministries and state institutions.

In the real estate area, MiddleCap was an advisor to sale transaction of the construction company Reding to Finnish YIT, as well as the sale of administrative towers of the same developer Reding Tower I and II. MiddleCap also advised on the sale of Twin City A, Laugarício shopping center in Trenčín and commercial real estate in the Czech Republic.

The combined MiddleCap Group represents transaction advisory services in excess of EUR 800 million over the past three years. The total volume of real estate projects so far exceeded EUR 110 million.