9th September 2019, Prague / Luxembourg

A key ownership change in the market of public transport in the Czech Republic was done in the group 3ČSAD. Transdev Česká republika s.r.o., a member of the transnational concern Transdev, became the new majority shareholder.

By closing the transaction, Transdev strengthened its position on the Czech market and now belongs to four largest private carriers in the country. The company thus continues the trend of expansion in the Czech Republic and in the Central European region. The Transdev Group is a global transport operator with operations in 20 countries on five continents.

MiddleCap was a strategic advisor for Transdev Česká republika s.r.o. the purchaser. The successful transaction resulted in the acquisition of 87.04% of shares in ČSAD Havířov a.s. and 25% share in BUS MANAGEMENT s.r.o. The MiddleCap team was managed by Sabina Matzenauerová, Head of Advisory and Managing Director MiddleCap CZ in cooperation with Josef Pokorný, Tomáš Zeľo and Martin Proksa, Head of Private Equity in MiddleCap Group, S.A.

Sabina Matzenauerová from MiddleCap commented:
“We appreciate the trust we have received from Transdev in preparing and the execution of a demanding transaction. At the same time, we value transparent and fair negotiations on both sides of the transaction, i.e. Transdev Czech Republic s.r.o. and CIDEM Hranice, a.s.. We believe that our team contributed to Transdev’s continued development of the group in the Czech Republic,”

About MiddleCap Group S.A.

MiddleCap Group, S.A., is an established investment and consulting company based in Luxembourg with offices in London, Bratislava, Prague, Dubai, Berlin and Monaco. In addition to providing a full range of advisory services in the areas of M&A, restructuring acquisitions and corporate finance, the group acts as a long-term investor focusing on real estate market, private equity investment, intergenerational ownership changes, start-ups and capital market investments. Over the past three years, the company has advised transactions in excess of 800 million euros. The total volume of real estate projects carried out so far exceeded EUR 110 million. More information:

About Transdev

As an operator and a global mobility integrator, Transdev – the company for mobility, provides people with freedom of movement at any time and whatever they choose. 11 million passengers travel every day thanks to efficient, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly transport services that connect people and communities. Transdev belongs to the Caisse des Dépôts group (66%) and the Rethmann group (34%). The Transdev Group employs 82,000 people in 20 countries and generated total revenues of EUR 6.9 billion in 2018.

About 3ČSAD

3ČSAD is a traditional carrier with a strong focus on low-emission transport, operating more than 300 CNG (compressed natural gas) buses and 12 electric buses in its fleet. The 3ČSAD Group providing public transportation in cities of Havířov, Karviná, Orlová, Frýdek-Místek, Hranice na Moravě and in the area of Českotěšínsko, is the largest transportation group in North Moravia and also one of the top five largest transportation groups in the Czech Republic.


Luxembourg / Prague / Bratislava  FOKUS optik and FOKUS očná optika are the largest eyewear retail network in the Czech and Slovak Republic. By closing both transactions, MiddleCap Group has become one of the largest players in the Central European eyewear retailers market, now operating more than 150 stores. MiddleCap is the owner of both companies.

Both retail networks have been active in the relevant markets for a long time, deriving their history from the foundations back in the 1950s. With its 66 operations, FOKUS očná optika has been the leader on the Slovak market for a long time. Czech FOKUS optik is the number one in the number of stores (90) and number two based on the revenues. The assortment of both companies consists of a wide and attractive product portfolio in the range of prescription glasses, sunglasses, spectacle frames, contact lenses and accessories. In Slovakia, several operations include also a Vision centre – the connection of opticians with an outpatient medical facility under one roof, which provides the customer with comprehensive eye care. In the Czech Republic, gel contact lenses, designed by world-renowned Czech inventor Otto Wichterle, were applied for the first time in the world in Prague stores operated by FOKUS optik.

“We perceive FOKUS as a traditional strong brand, known for its reliability, product quality, and especially for highly qualified personnel. With the purchase of Czech and Slovak FOKUS, we want to leverage the existing market potential and synergies from the integration of the brand in the two countries, thus strengthening the position of the FOKUS brand as a leader in the Slovak and Czech optical retail market. At the same time, we see great potential in developing the FOKUS brand in other Central European countries,” commented Martin Proksa, Head of Private Equity at MiIddleCap Group, S.A. and a member of the Board of Directors of FOKUS očná optika andFOKUS optik.

In this transaction, MiddleCap was advised by a Slovak law firm MCL providing complex services including acquisition, financing and structuring advisory and the Czech law firm Urban & Hejduk.


The German Nürburgring witnessed the first-ever victory of the Slovak driver in the Ferrari Challenge series on this circuit. Already in the third race of the premiere season in the series recorded the premiere victory Matúš Výboh, a partner in MiddleCap Group S.A. Matúš spoils in the colours of Scuderie Praha. Like the other drivers, he was sitting behind the wheel of the Ferrari 488 special.

On the famous German circuit Nürburgring sounded Saturday, July 6, 2019 Slovak anthem. It happened after Matúš Výboh, as the first of the starting field saw the checkered flag. The riders showed the spectators an exciting race full of twists and hard fights, especially at the head of the starting field. Matúš Výboh has been driving consistently fast times all the time.

He came to the forefront when he took full advantage of Talian Emanuel Maria Tabacchi’s only hesitation in round 12. Since then, the Rossocorsa rider has kept in contact with Trofeo Pirelli leaders with a comfortable lead over his pursuers. Martin Nelson of Scuderia Autoropa came second after Tabacchi twist, but the Italian tried very aggressively to regain the lost position.

The experienced Swede resisted the pressure and crossed the finish line behind the winning Matúš Výboh from Slovakia, only three-tenths of a second in front of  Tabacchi. Christian Overgaard (Forza Racing) finished fourth with Oliver Plassmann (Autohaus Ulrich) just behind him in fifth place.

The Nürburgring race was the fifth round of the Ferrari Challenge series. The Italian Imola is still waiting for the riders in September and the world final will be at Mugello circuit at the end of October. The Ferrari Challenge series has been running since 1993 and has been approved by the FIA.

Scuderia Praha Ferrari Challenge’s general partner is MiddleCap Group S.A.


Bratislava, June 12, 2019,
Six reconstructed floors on Gorky Street No. 4 will provide new tenants with 3100m2 of exclusive office space in the Old Town area in Bratislava. Reconstruction of the building was approved in November 2018 and these days the contractor handed it over to the owner, MiddleCap Group.

The original building of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from the beginning of the 20th century is the work of the prominent Slovak architect Jozef Hubert. He was one of the elite architects of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at that time and his works from the turn of the century can be found in Bratislava, Budapest and Vienna. In the case of his work in Bratislava, the new owner of the property underwent a complete reconstruction and, since the building is protected as a national cultural monument, as well as a monument restoration, which included the restoration of the original street and courtyard facades, staircases and common representative areas. During the unique and demanding reconstruction, the builder adhered to the project of the architects Petr Bouda and Ivan Masár, who have more than 30 years of experience in the reconstruction of cultural monuments and historical buildings.

“To cooperate with a cultural investor, whose aim is not only to monetize their invested funds, but also to contribute sincerely to the technical preservation and restoration of the building’s heritage, to find its adequate function and to breathe new life, has always been motivation and inspiration and a binding criterion for the best possible professional performance,” says architect Peter Bouda about the work on the reconstruction of the former Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The investor started the work in January 2014 and after 5 years of effort the conversion of the inner court into a central social and representative communication hall with a glass roofing there was the result. The building also includes replicas of historic double-wing window panels with insulating double glazing on the outer wing and an electrically controllable external wooden roller shutter. In the interior is, among other things, preserved decorated stone staircase with the original blacksmith railing from the turn of the 19th and 20 century.

The premises thus meet the high standard of the most demanding clientele looking for an exclusive office for their business. “We took the reconstruction of such a precious piece of heritage-protected architecture as a challenge highlighted by the literally emergency condition of the building when it passed into our ownership. Consequently, the conditions imposed on us were many times more demanding than is the case with conventional new buildings. However, we have approached this very responsibly, which will certainly be appreciated by both the general public and professionals. The aim was to preserve the sophisticated atmosphere of the building itself and to add a top standard to it,”says Róbert Michalica, Head of MiddleCap Real Estate Slovakia, commenting on the final look of Gorky 4 offices.

The majestic building in eclectic style with characteristic corner towers, which were fully opened in the interior, was built in 1903 and is the work of architect Jozef Hubert, completed in the first half of the 20th century by Milan Michal Harminc. Rich stucco decorations and galleries with originally forged railings have been preserved to this days. In the 20th century, the building underwent several reconstructions and over time became the seat of the Customs Directorate for SSR, the Union of Slovak Dramatic Artists. Until 2004, the headquarters of the Slovak National Theater was located here. The building has been a National Cultural Monument since 12.03.1985.


However, the actual transaction between MiddelCap Group and Revgama Limited was preceded by a complicated solution of contractual and ownership relationships to the land in question, which still includes the infamous skeleton of the former OD Ružinov.

Out-of-court settlement

Even though the Cypriot company Revgama Limited, a subsidiary of Slovak Doprastav, was the owner of the building and land under the former Ružinov department store since 2017, lawsuits prevented anything new from happening with the project. However, a major change in 2018 was brought only by the negotiations on an out-of-court stakeholder agreement. At the end of 2018, it took real contours and was finally closed. The skeleton of the former department store has been bothering Ružinov for more than a decade. Indeed, the financial crisis and, in particular, litigation have postponed the solution to this problem. It visually depreciates the location around the busy Tomášikova Street. The possibility of definitively removing the black spot on the map of this Bratislava district is provided by an out-of-court agreement between the current owner, Revgama Limited, and companies from the portfolio of entrepreneur Ivan Líška, the original owner of the project. By agreement, both parties concluded all legal disputes and Revgama became the rightful owner of the building and the land of the former department store.

“Our aim was to solve problematic issues fairly and reasonably quickly in order to unblock the disputed area with the construction. We believe that Ružinov has never been so close to taking steps that will bring a completely different quality of life into this space,”said Ján Brodenec, Doprastav spokesman, clarifying relations for TREND.

“I am glad that with Revgama we have found a common ground under long months of negotiations. I believe that both sides were also motivated by an effort not to traumatize the inhabitants of the capital. I firmly believe that whether the project on Tomášikova Street will be carried out by the current owner or a new investor, there will be something that will help the city district and significantly improve the quality of life for the Ruzinovians,” Ivan Líška, Chairman of Yosaria Plaza. As the TREND states, once the two parties have agreed, the premises changed ownership. He had already known this dealer since MiddleCap Equity Partners was dedicated to crisis management in the restructuring of Doprastav.

International Architectural Competition

“In the next few days we will start working on the preparation of documents for the international architectural competition. We assume that the assets will not be available sooner than within six months. What we can say today for sure is that we have a clear interest in having a top architectural firm with a wealth of international experience give the basic design of the project. Undoubtedly, we are interested in a sustainable project that will bring the site a significant improvement in the quality of life, while respecting the valid land-use planning regulations, ”said Tomáš Jurdák, partner of the MiddleCap Group real estate division.

With this acquisition, the group will also rank among the more significant development groups. It was created only last year. Holding of entrepreneur Miroslav Výboha Mayfair Assets Ltd. has partnered with MiddleCap Equity Partners, a renowned restructuring firm for Sibamac and Doprastav. They created the investment advisory and real estate holding MiddleCap Group based in Luxembourg. Already at that time they indicated that they would seek new opportunities in the real estate market.

Source: TREND © 2019 News and Media Holding


Bratislava, November 12, 2018

MiddleCap sold to the First Real Estate Fund managed by IAD Investments an office building that grew up on the premises of the former Stein brewery in Bratislava. This acquisition is one of the largest real estate transactions in Slovakia in 2018. It is a project with more than 12,000 m2 of administrative and commercial premises, which will thus be added to the real estate portfolio of the First Real Estate Fund, o.p.f.

The project and subsequently also the development of the mentioned object was realized by MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd. through the subsidiary AMW Development a.s. At the end of 2015, the company bought the land from YIT Reding with the aim of building administrative and commercial premises.

MiddleCap Real Estate Ltd., owned by Miroslav Výboh, got the authorised approval of administration building of the multifunctional complex NEW STEIN at the end of 2017 and the first tenants moved to the new administrative premises in March 2018. Currently, the largest tenants are the international companies Deutsche Telekom Services Europe and Lucron Group. The building is located at the crossroads of the streets Krížna and Legionárska. On seven floors, it combines mostly the administrative part with the premises for providing services (900m2) and 170 parking spaces. The new building meets strict environmental criteria and is in the process of obtaining the environmental certification LEED Gold. With the change of owner, the name of the office building is changed to STEINERKA Business Center. The aim is to build on the history of Krizna Street, which the inhabitants of Bratislava remember just as “Steinerka”

“The fact that we managed to conclude the transaction involving the sale of the building in a relatively short time, less than 10 months after final building operation approval, clearly shows the high standard of project processing and finalization. We are sincerely pleased that we have fulfilled our public commitment to quality, which we gave at the very beginning.” commented Matúš Výboh, Chairman of the Board of Directors of AMW Development.

“The NEW STEIN multifunctional office building, now the STEINERKA Business Center, is another valuable asset that diversifies our real estate portfolio. We expect this investment to help us to stabilize and possibly increase the positive performance of the fund, ”states Ing. Vladimír Bencz, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IAD Investments, spol.

“The purchase of a newly-built office building brings to the portfolio of the First Real Estate Fund, o.p.f. another new quality real estate in an attractive location of Bratislava. Together with the above-mentioned tenant structure and the above-standard length of lease contracts, the acquisition represents strong potential for the appreciation of the asset,” said Mgr. Vladimír Bolek, Member of the Board of Directors of IAD Investments reports. spol., a.s. responsible for managing real estate investments. On the seller’s side, MiddleCap Advisory provided complete transaction advice. IAD Investments, správ. spol., a.s. he was represented by the team of CMS, the financial and tax consultancy was provided by Deloitte and the technical consultancy was provided by Sentient ČR.

General information about MiddleCap Real Estate.

MiddleCap Real Estate (formerly Mayfair Assets) is part of MiddleCap Group, S.A., an established investment and consulting firm based in Luxembourg with offices in London, Bratislava, Prague, Dubai and Monaco. It was established in 2018 by the merger of MiddleCap Equity Partners, a.s. and Mayfair Assets Ltd. Partners of the newly formed business group MiddleCap Group, S.A. are Miroslav Výboh, Matúš Výboh, Matej Majerčák, Roman Guniš and Michal Kviečinský.
The Group provides a full range of financial advisory services, acts as a long-term real estate investor and actively seeks opportunities with hidden investment potential in private equity, venture capital and capital markets.
Over the past three years, the company has provided transactional advice in excess of 800 million euros. The total volume of real estate projects carried out so far exceeded EUR 110 million. More information:

Basic information about IAD Investments, reports. spol., a.s. and First Real Estate Fund o. p. f.

IAD Investments is the oldest independent Slovak management company. It has been providing financial services to individuals and corporate clients in Central European countries since 1991. Within its European operations, it manages assets in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovenia, totalling more than EUR 800 million. EUR. First Real Estate Fund o. p. f is the oldest mutual fund in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, which invests in real estate market assets. Its portfolio consists of investments in various classes of real estate assets – real estate (offices, logistics, retail, etc.) and in the long term brings positive performance to investors with the potential for long-term growth in the value of assets.


The Air Ventures start-up fund is planning an investment expansion in the coming years. He will be helped by his new partner, the Slovak advisory and investment group MiddleCap Group. As a result, the Group not only expands the investment scope of Air Ventures, but also supplies know-how to process larger investments.

The agreement on the entry of Slovak investors into Air Ventures was signed by representatives of both companies. In the next three years, startup investors will support talented teams and projects of up to € 10 million. Startups interested in investment and cooperation can be submitted by filling out the form at

The first joint investment is heading to the Czech Republic. Air Ventures enters InsightArt, a startup dedicated to recognizing the authenticity of art with a patent based on space technology.
“The unique know-how of the Prague team tested, among others, at a space station, years of honest research and a very interesting art market that needs a thorough reform,” calculates Air Ventures CEO Vaclav Pavlecka for the reasons why his company invested in Startup.

InsightArt is already planning a pilot operation at the European Art Trade Center in London. He also cooperates with the Prague Gallery of Fine Arts and selected experts. “The global art market has overslept technologically in the century. Revolution awaits. Current methods of art analysis are outdated. InsightArt moves to the 21st century and allows analysis of the authenticity of works, but also gives restorers an unprecedented amount of information about the fabric Simply put – it allows to preserve more effectively the enormous cultural value of historically valuable works,”adds Pavlečka. In addition to the investment from the Prague incubator and ESA BIC, InsightArt is also receiving the first seed investment to move technology to the European market during the year.

For the MiddleCap Group investment holding, joining Air Ventures is a way to build your startup division and complement your service portfolio with venture capital. Startups add to the existing areas of MiddleCap Group – the company acts as a long-term real estate investor and actively seeks opportunities with hidden investment potential in the areas of private equity, venture capital and capital markets.

“Venture Capital’s investment opportunities mapping is a natural result of market developments and our sincere interest in promoting young talent and innovation. Acquiring a majority stake in Air Ventures’ venture capital fund is thus the logical outcome of our long-term plans in this segment. In Prague, Middlecap Group will serve as a platform to buy new startups, helping new startups grow and offer our know-how, as we have announced, over the next three years, Air Ventures has the ambition to invest up to 10 million euros,” commented acquisition of CEO MiddleCap Group, Matej Majerčák.

Potential startups want Air Ventures to offer resources as well as expert help with the market strategy. The co-founders of the fund are brand communication experts – Václav Pavlečka worked as a strategic planner for global agency Le Burnett, and also worked for clients in New York and Shen Zhen, China. Michal Nýdrle is the founder and owner of the privately-owned communication group in Central Europe – Kindred Group.

Since January, Ivan Kristel has been a new partner of Air Ventures, who will enrich the team with experience in creating and managing digital products.

The Air Ventures strategy makes it possible to invest both in emerging projects and in established larger and dynamically growing companies. “The so-called” angel phase “is interesting for Air Ventures only when the startup has some feedback from the market,” emphasizes Air Ventures partner Ivan Kristel. “We do not just invest in ideas on paper. Founders must show their will, even if minimized, to sell to customers,” he adds, adding that newcomers can apply to the form at

General information about Air Ventures
AIR VENTURES is actively developing and investing by newcomers from all over Central and Eastern Europe. To work with newcomers, a team of long-term experience in the field of marketing, communication and building digital products is used. For more information, visit

General information about MiddleCap Group, S.A.
MiddleCap Group, S.A. is an established investment and consulting company based in Luxembourg with branches in London, Bratislava, Prague, Dubai and Monaco with a diversified portfolio of assets.
Under the MiddleCap brand, it has been operating on the market since 2011 and provides a full range of financial advisory services, acting as a long-term real estate investor and actively seeking opportunities with hidden investment potential in private equity, venture capital and capital markets. Over the past three years, the company has provided transactional advice in excess of 800 million euros. The total volume of real estate projects carried out so far exceeded EUR 110 million.

Partners of the MiddleCap Group, S.A. are Miroslav Výboh, Matúš Výboh, Matej Majerčák, Roman Guniš and Michal Kviečinský.


Bratislava, 22 November 2018.

MiddleCap Group part of Dakar Rally 2019! The company is one of the main partners of the motorcycle racer Ivan Jakes, who will again try to overcome motorcycle racer’s Everest.
Ivan Jakeš, one of the best and most successful Slovak motorcycle riders, is preparing for the Dakar Rally. Along with him will be part of the South American adventure MiddelCap Group, which supported a native of Myjava and is one of the main partners of his team.

Jakeš, one of our best and most experienced riders, started on a desert rally when it was located in the north of Africa. In less than seven weeks, he will be at the start of the famous Relly Dakar for the eleventh time. So far he has managed to reach the finish line four times. He has experienced everything on Dakar. Achievements and crashes. In 2013, he finished fourth overall. He was close to the podium.

“Like every year, I have the highest goals. I try to win, not just participate. This sport is also about happiness, respect and experience. If everything goes together and works out, then a good result can be done,” says Jakeš.

However, in order to add another successful year with a good result to the statistics, it needs several attributes that are undoubtedly a commitment, experience, strong will, extreme effort, strength, confidence, good team, conscientious preparation, perfect knowledge of the environment, navigation skills, keep holding on . “The decision to support a top athlete in pursuit of an extremely demanding goal lies in our passion for motorsport, but above all we were impressed by the story of Ivan Jakeš as a human being. Many of the qualities that a top athlete must have to climb the imaginary Everest fully blend in with what is needed to succeed in our business. Ivan’s work and performances inspire us in many ways and motivate us,” explains Matej Majerčák, CEO of MiddleCap Group.

Ivan Jakeš will go Dakar on the well-proven KTM 400, which is a motorcycle special on which he took second place in October at the Relly Heart of Morocco, which was an unofficial overhaul for the 41st desert race.
“It was training for Dakar. I wanted to see if I could still navigate and found that I was still a little bit good at it. I also had a decent speed. There was no result at all, but I managed to put myself in a nice position, ”said a native of Myjava.

The 41st Dakar Rally will take place from 6 to 17 January in Peru, for the first time in history only one country. Start and finish are in the capital Lima.


Holding of entrepreneur Miroslav Výboh Mayfair Assets Ltd., recently active in real estate projects in Bratislava, has merged with consulting company MiddleCap Equity Partners by renowned restructuring Sibamac or Doprastav or auctioning of former Stein brewery. They created the investment advisory and real estate holding MiddleCap Group based in Luxembourg.

The new holding will focus on seeking new opportunities in consulting, the real estate market, venture capital and venture capital markets. The Group intends to strengthen its venture capital business considerably by investing more than € 10 million in new business and start-ups in the Central European region over the next three years.

The first new joint holding real estate project is the construction of a 14-21 Rushworth Street office building in Blackfriars, central London, with an estimated investment of up to £ 60 million. After the completed acquisition of the land with a valid permit, the project will enter the implementation phase in the coming months. The partner responsible for the real estate division is Tomáš Jurdák, who started the expansion of HB Reavis in London six years ago.

The merger process, lasting ten months, was contractually concluded at the end of June. Partners of the newly formed business group MiddleCap Group, S.A. are Miroslav Výboh, Matúš Výboh, Matej Majerčák, Roman Guniš and Michal Kviečinský. Formally, the merger will be completed by entry in the Luxembourg Commercial Register within the next few weeks. “This merger increases our potential for investment impact on new projects, opening up new markets primarily in European space, while improving our position in raising new capital,” comments Matej Majerčák, one of the partners and CEO of MiddleCap Group, S.A.

“For a long time I watched the work of people around Mr Majerčák, Guniš and Kviečinský, also in the context of my son Matúš working with MiddleCap Partners on several projects. In recent years, the company has been among the top Czechoslovak advisory and investment leaders and represents a strong group in terms of expertise, creativity and talent, ” adds Miroslav Výboh. This cooperation includes, for example, advice on the purchase of the premises of the former Stein brewery, which was purchased by MiddleCap’s DreamField Property at auction. While the residential part is being realized by YIT Slovakia, the office building was recently completed by AMW Development from Mayfair Assets, which is currently reconstructing the only listed part of the brewery, the Spilka Building.

Miroslav Výboh built his armaments business, later began investing in real estate and consolidated his activities in Mayfair Assets Ltd. based in London. Another current real estate project of the Výbohov family is the reconstruction and reconstruction of the former protected palace of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Gorky Street in the historical center of Bratislava.

MiddleCap was particularly successful in the restructuring of large construction companies Sibamac and Doprastav. Also participated in the restructuring of the owners of the Falkensteiner and Park Inn Danube hotels. The company also advised companies such as UPC, Matador, Penta Investments, as well as ministries and state institutions.

In the real estate area, MiddleCap was an advisor to sale transaction of the construction company Reding to Finnish YIT, as well as the sale of administrative towers of the same developer Reding Tower I and II. MiddleCap also advised on the sale of Twin City A, Laugarício shopping center in Trenčín and commercial real estate in the Czech Republic.

The combined MiddleCap Group represents transaction advisory services in excess of EUR 800 million over the past three years. The total volume of real estate projects so far exceeded EUR 110 million.



MiddleCap Equity Partners, a.s. and Mayfair Assets Ltd. have officially concluded a 10-month merger process, following which the group will operate under the brand ´MiddleCap´ headquartered in Luxembourg. The group will leverage the extensive business environment know-how and team of experienced investment professionals with deep local and international experience. Above all, the merger amalgamates the investment, advisory and real estate activities of both companies.

MiddleCap Group, S.A. thus becomes an investment holding with a focus on locating new business opportunities in advisory, real estate, private equity, venture capital, and capital markets. Partners of the newly-formed MiddleCap Group, S.A. business group are Miroslav Výboh, Matúš Výboh, Matej Majerčák, Roman Guniš, and Michal Kviečinský. The merger will be formalized by the filing of an entry in the Luxembourg Business Register in upcoming weeks.


“This merger increases our potential investment reach in new projects, opens new European markets, and improves our position in acquiring new capital. The combination of our strengths – such as deep market knowledge, professionalism, experience, and talent – further emphasize our competitive advantage with an enlarged project portfolio and expectations of further major increase in future revenue,” observed Matej Majerčák, a partner and CEO of MiddleCap Group, S.A., regarding expectations pertaining to the common holding.


“I have been following the work of teams around Mr Majerčák, Mr Guniš, and Mr Kviečinský also because my son Matúš was externally involved in several MiddleCap Partners projects. In recent years they have succeeded in transforming the company into a leader on the Czech and Slovak advisory and investment market, and they are a strong group in terms of expertise, creativity, and talent. We have a common interest and aim to maintain the set benchmark of success and to only work with the best the market has to offer in our new projects,” comments Miroslav Výboh, whose main contribution to the MiddleCap Group has been valuable know-how from successful development projects and long-term experience in international trade.

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