Bratislava, 22 November 2018.

MiddleCap Group part of Dakar Rally 2019! The company is one of the main partners of the motorcycle racer Ivan Jakes, who will again try to overcome motorcycle racer’s Everest.
Ivan Jakeš, one of the best and most successful Slovak motorcycle riders, is preparing for the Dakar Rally. Along with him will be part of the South American adventure MiddelCap Group, which supported a native of Myjava and is one of the main partners of his team.

Jakeš, one of our best and most experienced riders, started on a desert rally when it was located in the north of Africa. In less than seven weeks, he will be at the start of the famous Relly Dakar for the eleventh time. So far he has managed to reach the finish line four times. He has experienced everything on Dakar. Achievements and crashes. In 2013, he finished fourth overall. He was close to the podium.

“Like every year, I have the highest goals. I try to win, not just participate. This sport is also about happiness, respect and experience. If everything goes together and works out, then a good result can be done,” says Jakeš.

However, in order to add another successful year with a good result to the statistics, it needs several attributes that are undoubtedly a commitment, experience, strong will, extreme effort, strength, confidence, good team, conscientious preparation, perfect knowledge of the environment, navigation skills, keep holding on . “The decision to support a top athlete in pursuit of an extremely demanding goal lies in our passion for motorsport, but above all we were impressed by the story of Ivan Jakeš as a human being. Many of the qualities that a top athlete must have to climb the imaginary Everest fully blend in with what is needed to succeed in our business. Ivan’s work and performances inspire us in many ways and motivate us,” explains Matej Majerčák, CEO of MiddleCap Group.

Ivan Jakeš will go Dakar on the well-proven KTM 400, which is a motorcycle special on which he took second place in October at the Relly Heart of Morocco, which was an unofficial overhaul for the 41st desert race.
“It was training for Dakar. I wanted to see if I could still navigate and found that I was still a little bit good at it. I also had a decent speed. There was no result at all, but I managed to put myself in a nice position, ”said a native of Myjava.

The 41st Dakar Rally will take place from 6 to 17 January in Peru, for the first time in history only one country. Start and finish are in the capital Lima.